RFID EV Charge Card (Electric Vehicle Charging Card) is a simple way to provide access to public charging network around the country. Increasingly, they are being replaced by smartphone apps. In some remote region, the smartphone may not function due to wireless data issues with poor or no single by the mobile network provider. It is invariably good and safe to have the EV Charge Card handy.

SmartCard America is a proud partner of NXP Semiconductors  and working together to fulfil the future demand of the semiconductors. RFID EV Charge Card is based on NFC technology (Near Field Communications Technology). These RFID cards or Key Fobs (Radio Frequency Identity Card) allow the customer to initiate a charge by tapping the card against a card reader at the charge station.

RFID cards have been a facet of electric vehicle charging since the first EV charging operators began offering their services over a decade ago. Since then, many newer EV Charging operators have appeared on the scene.

Increasingly, electric vehicle charging cards are used like conventional fuel cards. The Electric Vehicle Charging Cards create a more efficient way for fleet operators to buy their electricity when they’re out on the road and process their expenses.
Fleet vehicle owners can choose between charge cards that are tied to specific charging station brands, or cards which work across a variety of electric vehicle charging point providers around the country. SmartCard America has been the leading manufacturer of the EV Charge Card since the new revelation start on the Electric Vehicle around the world.