About Us


SmartCard America is committed to providing. a high level of service focused on RFID and SmartCard .production to meet the needs of our customers in terms of product quality, durability, and cost concerns. Our extensive industry experience enables us to perceive and understand fully our clients’. needs and expectations. Thus, we are able to provide the best service to our current and new clients.

We focus on customization and modification. of SmartCard and RFID products and accessories to give our clientele. what is needed in terms of functionality. pricing, quality, and security features, etc. With the implementation of new technology in the smartcard / RFID industry growing exponentially, it is extremely important that the smartcard supplier plans ahead. to meet the demands required. SmartCard America is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of RFID. / NFC technology by providing our clientele the latest and best in proven smartcard advancements and accessories which is provided by our partner companies.

SmartCard America’s strength lies in its commitment not only to meet the requirements of the industry standards. but to go above and beyond. We think it is only fair that our customers receive the best and latest products. All our products are of durable quality. have superior security features. and are sold based on competitive pricing. We provide all our clients with a wide range of RFID and SmartCard services including card design, card production. logistical arrangements, and more. Request anything in between regarding the development of the RFID Tags / SmartCard; let us customize your order to fit your needs.

We will be able to personalize RFID. / SmartCard and manufactures the products. in accordance with customer requirements.

SmartCard America’s activities are production of SmartCard, NFC Tags, RFID Tags, IoT Solutions, personalization, sales, import, and export of smartCards and customized plastic cards along with associated barcodes; and sales of smartcard printers and accessories, including barcodes. We have distribution channels throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our company has the modular flexibility to tailor smartcards to the needs of our customers by including/excluding functionalities such as required in the new uses of smartcards in m-commerce. UMTS and SIM-based browsers. Our state of the art technology is able to make. High-Tech Secure ID cards for your organization.

Our personalization high-tech equipment could offer our customers with CR80 PVC Card, Contactless Printed ID cards with MIFARE® and all other NFC Smartcards to handle our customer’s security issues and manage our client’s employees or students. Also, High-Tech Secure ID cards offer the biometric authentication method. We will maintain a database and image file for the organization. If any employee loses their card, we can replace it immediately.

When we supply your organization with ID cards. database and image files, they will be maintained by our company. and can be used to supply information and replacement cards easily. Images can be emailed. or send them to us and we will scan them for our customers.

Membership, Discount, Loyalty, VIP. Warranty, Insurance, HealthCare, Access. POS System. and all other plastic card badges has never been easier. Send us your design or let us create professional cards based on your requirements. There is no minimum order quantity so you can get the cards that you need. whenever you need them.

Whether you need pre-printed cards to personalize them onsite with your own system. we will be able to provide you the right product to fulfill your requirement.