SmartCard America is the leading RFID / NFC Smart Card solutions provider and partners with the leading semiconductor manufacturers. We focused on components for Access Control, Biometrics Security Solution, RFID transponders, Contact Chip cards, Contactless NFC cards and RFID readers and terminals. We have built a global reputation helping our customers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. From simple identity cards that Businesses and Universities need for all their employees and students for selective access, to more complex smart cards that let users access bank accounts and other everyday services, SmartCard America can provide you with a tailored solution that is right for your organization.

End User: RFID SmartCards technology used in sectors such as Financial, Healthcare, Transportation, Academic, Entertainment, among many others. Most are used for Bank Payments, Loyalty and Promotions, Access Control, Stored Control, Stored Value, Identification, Ticketing, Parking & Toll Collections, to name a few.

SmartCard America is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of this technology by providing our clientele with the latest and best in proven smartcard advancements and accessories. Please contact us and let us show you how we can help your business or workplace operate more efficiently and grow your customer base.

Biomatric  & Access Control System:

SmartCard America is committed to providing a high level of service on biomatric and access control system. We are working with our partners to achieve our goal to help our clients to fulfil their requirments.


We focus on customization and modification of Smart Card and RFID products. To give our clientele what is needed in terms of functionality with quality, durability, and security features, etc.

Our committed to remaining on the cutting edge of the technology by providing our clientele with the latest and best in proven products and service.

Card & Tags Design

We provide all our clients with a broad spectrum of RFID and SmartCard services. Including card design, card production, logistical arrangements, and more.
We will personalize RFID Tags, Smart Card and manufacture the products in accordance with customer requirements.

Our state-of-the-art technology

Our state-of-the-art technology makes High-Tech Secure ID cards and personalization with Full Color printing with QR Code and Barcodes.

  • Identification Card
  • Membership Card
  • HealthCare Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Discount Card Loyalty
  • Card VIP Card
  • Warranty Card
  • All other ID Card Badges







DESFire EV3Plus EV2ClassicUltralight,Ultralight​ C​, SAM AV3NXP JCOP41 SmartMXNTAG 424 DNA 

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