SmartCard America is a leading Smart Card solutions provider for Businesses, Academic Institutions and Government Facilities. We have built a global reputation helping our customers in Europe, North America and South America.

University-of-Michigan-Ann-Arbor-CDC2F471 (2)From simple identity cards that Businesses and Universities need for all their employees and students for selective access, to more complex smart cards that let users access bank accounts and other everyday services, SmartCard America can provide you with a tailored solution that is right for you.

Smart cards are used in sectors such as Financial, Healthcare, Transportation, Academic, Entertainment among many others. Most are used for Bank Payments, Loyalty and Promotions, Access Control, Stored Control, Stored Value, Identification, Ticketing, Parking & Toll Collections, to name a few. Banking institutions as well as Retail Chains are also adopting the more secure method of Smart Card transactions.

Smart Card usage in the United States has been gaining traction in recent years, even though Smart Cards have been widely used in Europe and Canada. All U.S. government facilities and many corporations have now incorporated a contactless reader as an access point to their facilities. Some companies have incorporated a biometric component to this credential as well. The older systems deploy a simple proximity card system as the gate keeper. However, as the security requirements have become stronger and the cost of the ISO14443 standard systems have become lower, the world is rapidly adopting this new standard. This market shift is partially driven by the US government’s adoption of the mandated Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standard.SmartCard America Images11222222 (2)

SmartCard America is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of this technology by providing our clientele with the latest and best in proven smartcard advancements and accessories. Please contact us and let us show you how we can help your business or workplace operate more efficiently and grow your customer base. Our manufacturing plant is located in Rosenberg, Texas (near Houston) and we have been working with our customers in the United States since 2008.