INSIDE PicoPass 32KS Card

INSIDE Picopass 32KS

INSIDE PicoPass 32KS Card

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picopass operates with the ISO 14443B proximity protocol for high-speed communication at a range of 10 centimeters. Applications include POS and biometric identification. It uses the vicinity protocol ISO 15693 to operate at lower speeds over longer ranges:

  • 1.5 meters in gate antenna configuration
    • 70 centimeters with a single antenna. Standard yields higher communication speeds at proximity distance.

The longer-range capability is suited to applications like asset tracking or hands-free access.

Key technical data of PicoPass™ chip family  
Features PicoPass™ 32 KS
Standard protocol ISO 15693, ISO 14443B and optional ISO 14443A version
Carrier frequency 13.56 MHz
Baud rate 26 kbps – ISO 15693
106 kbps – ISO 14443B or 424 kbps – ISO 14443B
Anti collision 50 chips/s for ISO 15693
100 chips/s for ISO 14443B
Unique serial number 64 bits
EEPROM memory size 16×2 kbit or 2×16 kbit
Memory organization 8 bytes block
Secure stored value area 65534 units
Recharging counter 65535 times
Cryptographic Authentication 64 bits key length
Key area Credit and Debit keys for secure pages
Read/Write protection with Authentication Yes
Write-once area Yes
EEPROM cycle Over 100K cycles
EEPROM data retention 10 years
Operating temperature  -40 to + 70°C

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