LEGIC advant ATC128-MV Card

LEGIC Advant ATC128-MV

LEGIC advant ATC128-MV Card

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LEGIC® Sets Standard for Contactless Smart Card Market

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, expands its range of contactless smart card technologies.

LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, the leading supplier of contactless smart card technologies for personal identification applications, with over 1 million modules sold and 70 million credentials in use in over 50,000 systems around the world, once again has in 2006 set the standard for the contactless identification market through the release of its ATC128-MV210 crypto transponder chip and through the expansion of its LEGIC advant product line to battery powered applications.

Introduced in 2006, the ATC128-MV210 crypto transponder chip meets the need for a secure low-memory and cost-effective transponder in the 13.56 MHz area. With a user memory of 128bytes – enough to typically house 3 applications – the new transponder is designed for basic access control and leisure applications such as event ticketing and leisure passes. The ATC128-MV is a full member of the LEGIC advant product family and has the same high security and functionality level like all other LEGIC advant transponders. The ATC128-MV210 crypto transponder chip is fully compatible with the international ISO 15693 standard.

By expanding the reader chip functionality of its LEGIC advant product line to battery-powered applications, LEGIC now offers a cost-effective alternative for stand-alone contactless physical access. Using a new and unique “low power” feature enables energy-efficient contactless door lock solutions. Until now, such stand-alone solutions (which repetitively power-down and wake-up the lock/card reader, thus saving energy) required the installation of expensive and bulky mechanical switches or infrared sensors as an energy-saving alternative to the wired “always on” readers.

Beyond saving energy, this contactless solution is cost-effective (the simplified circuit reduces development and production costs) and can greatly extend battery life, under certain circumstances of up to 200 times and thus reduce maintenance and servicing. The system is compliant with the FIPS 201 US Government Personal Identity Verification specifications.

LEGIC advant is LEGIC’s most advanced product line for state-of-the art high security and multi-applications including access control, personal identification, biometrics, IT access compliant with ISO 15693, ISO 14443 and LEGIC RF standards.

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