Key Fob RFKF5232


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MIFARE®-key fob is a reliable as well as universally usable key to vary applications. The communication flow between program/reading unit and the Mifare-chip is operated completely contact-free. All information is transferred into the chip and from the data memory (E2PROM) while the key fob itself remains. for example. on the ID card owner bunch of keys.

A robust RFID tag embedded with 1K-Bytes EEPROM MIFARE® chip. MIFARE key fob is a robust RFID ABS tag. The compact design makes it highly portable and easy to be attached to lanyard. key ring. etc. It is ideal for applications like health spas. student identification. and public transportation and so forth.

With most companies these days recognizing the need for good quality entry and exit security. the key fob market is filling up. The MIFARE®  range of products offers a key fob that looks stylish and is highly durable. as well as waterproof.

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