MIFARE Plus ® X 2K Card


MIFARE Plus® X 2K Card

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MIFARE Plus® X 2K Card: MIFARE Plus® provides end-user solution providers with a seamless upgrade of existing infrastructure and services with low cost procedures. This new MIFARE® product has been developed and supported by card and reader manufacturers and solution developers. and is the only MIFARE® Classic-compatible mainstream smart card IC featuring pre-issuance of cards prior to infrastructure changes. Migrate classic contactless smart card systems to the next security level! MIFAR Plus® brings benchmark security to mainstream contactless smart card applications. It is the only mainstream IC compatible with MIFARE Classic 1K® (MF1ICS50) and MIFARE Classic® 4K (MF1ICS70) which offers an upgrade path for existing infrastructure.

After the security upgrade. MIFARE Plus® uses AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard) for authentication. data integrity and encryption. MIFARE Plus® is based on open global standards for both air interface and cryptographic methods at the highest security level.

MIFARE Plus® is available in two versions: MIFARE Plus® X and MIFARE Plus® S.

The MIFARE Plus® X (MF1PLUSx0y1. described in this data sheet) offers more flexibility to optimize the command flow for speed and confidentiality. It offers a rich feature set including proximity checks against relay attacks.
The MIFARE Plus® S (MF1SPLUSx0y1)is the standard version for straight forward migration of MIFARE Classic® systems. It is configured to offer high data integrity.