U Code G2 Card

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U Code G2 Card

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The EPC global UHF Generation 2 Standard allows the ccommercialized provision of mass adaption of UHF EPC technology for passive smart tags and labels. Main fields of applications will be especially the supply chain management and logistics for worldwide use with especial consideration of European and US regulations to ensure that operating distances of several meters can be realized.

The UCODE EPC G2 IC is a dedicated chip for passive. intelligent tags and labels supporting the EPCglobal Class 1 Generation 2 UHF RFID standard. It is especially suited for applications where operating distances of several meters and high anti-collision rates are required.
The UCODE EPC G2 IC is a product out of the NXP Semiconductors UCODE product family. The entire UCODE product family offers anti-collision and collision arbitration functionality. This allows a reader to simultaneously operate multiple labels / tags within its antenna field. A UCODE EPC G2 based label / tag requires no external power supply.

Its contactless interface generates the power supply via the antenna circuit by propagative energy transmission from the interrogator (read / write device). while the system clock is generated by an on-chip oscillator. Data transmitted from interrogator to label / tag is demodulated by the interface. and it also modulates the interrogator?s electromagnetic field for data transmission from label / tag to interrogator. A label / tag can be operated without the need for line of sight or battery. as long as it is connected to a dedicated antenna for the targeted frequency range. When the label / tag is within the interrogator?s operating range. the high-speed wireless interface allows data transmission in both directions.

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