pcProx Contactless SDK

pcProx Contactless SDK

pcProx Contactless SDK

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SDK for pcProx Writer and Playback (iCLASS and MIFARE).


The pcProx Read/Write Contactless Software Developer Kit (SDK) allows independent developers to give their application the ability to read and write information directly to contactless smart cards. It offers the following:

  • Complete command support for all contactless smart cards. All reader functions are controlled by the SDK via a USB or serial port
  • USB, RS-232, and Ethernet support. Supporting both ports through an easy-to-use DLL interface or .NET. The USB reader requires an operating system complete with drivers that support USB devices

The SDK is full-featured and easy to integrate. The Kit fully supports the USB or RS-232 desktop read/write reader with software examples in C++, and Visual Basic. All platforms and card formats are supported.


  • Security: Create an application logon option or a full-featured desktop security application based on a platform of readers
  • Identification: Identify users for productivity or QA in manufacturing environments
  • Human resource kiosks: Speed up the human resource process through use of facility access cards
  • Vending applications: Use existing proximity cards for cafeteria applications such as cashless vending or point-of-sale cafeteria systems
  • Asset tracking: Identify where key assets are located, lower deployments, and increase utilization