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Jolly RFID Software

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Do you wear out cards with magnetic stripes quickly? Or maybe you just want to pass by a sensor to be checked into an area? Sometimes tracking that does not require direct interaction is convenient.

Jolly’s Label Flow™ barcode software, and Asset Track™ fixed and IT asset tracking software provide the latest advances in RFID technology. The combination of Jolly software and Zebra label and card printers allows for the production of UHF EPC Gen-2 labels and cards that offer many benefits over older technologies including lower cost and the ability to identify people and track assets at greater distances.

Jolly’s ID Flow™ ID card software can make RFID enabled cards and badges. As easily as you would add a text box or image to your card template, add an RFID encoding command, and make this process automated at time of card print.

ID Flow can also work with your existing ODBC-compliant database, eliminating the need to import and export data. Saving time and increasing productivity is the reason ID Flow is the most popular ID creation software in the world — give it a try today by requesting a trial copy, or speaking with one of our sales reps.

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