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IMPINJ Speedway Connect Software


Part Number: IPJ-S4001 

IMPINJ Speedway Connect RAIN RFID Device Management Software

Speedway Connect Software. RAIN RFID Device Management Software Impinj Speedway Connect software speeds RAIN RFID deployments. Enabling users to easily manage an Impinj reader or gateway and quickly access RAIN RFID data.

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Impinj Speedway Connect 2_8_0 Release Notes 

Impinj-Standard EULA (Final Version 1 2 10-17-08)

ItemSense RAIN RFID Software



ItemSense RAIN RFID Management Software

Impinj ItemSense is a distributed operating system for managing readers and gateways and transforming RAIN RFID data into action able business intelligence.

Scalable and Extensible Solution

ItemSense enables enterprise-class RAIN deployments with advanced configuration, operation, management, and maintenance features. Software algorithms for inventory, location, and threshold detection reduce

the e_ort and investment for delivering actionable information to business and consumer applications.

Easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate APIs enable RAIN application developers to quickly build powerful solutions that integrate with enterprise applications.


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