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RBH-BFR-150-P Fingerprint Reader Series

The BFR-150 fingerprint reader by RBH is available for125khz cards and tags. Users will benefit from its unparalleled performance, ease-of-use, precision and fast matching speed.

RBH-BFR-350-P Keypad Proximity Reader Series

The RBH-BFR350 Fingerprint reader is integrated to all RBH software platforms for easy cardholder enrollment. Reads 125khz cards and tags. IP65 rating with 9500 template capacity. Credential, Finger, PIN, Credential + Finger, PIN+Finger, Credential+PIN operating modes

RBH-FK-640 Keypad Proximity Reader Series

RBH-FK-640 Keypad Proximity Reader Series

Single gang Keypad 125 kHz proximity reader

RBH-FR-360N Proximity Reader Series

Mullion Mount 125kHz proximity reader with a 3 – 6 inch read range and wiegand output