Infineon is a leader in the delivery of NFC enabled secured, contactless solutions. For payment, ticketing, and identification applications. Customers easily embed NFC into their applications, Infineon offers NFC Forum compliant tags integrating best security in a variety of form factors.     Infineon Video

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Infineon SECORA™ Pay S Card

Infineon SECORA™ Pay S Standard Payment Cards

SECORA™ Pay security solutions is a flexible, innovative one-stop solution for current and future payment needs.

SECORA™ Pay is a flexible, innovative one-stop solution for current and future payment needs. Infineon’s SECORA™ Pay solutions, with its excellent technology backed by extensive services and design-in support, enables contactless payment functionality to be integrated into virtually anything.

Infineon’s SECORA™ Pay is based on our unique SOLID FLASH™ microcontroller family, providing outstanding contactless transaction speeds and superior performance for today’s single- and multi-application projects. This family offers a complete portfolio supporting everything from contact cards to smart payment accessories.

Our innovative Coil on Module (CoM) chip package increases production efficiency and general robustness of dual-interface cards, increasing contactless credit card payment security while reducing costs. At the same time, the very small antenna design supports novel contactless payment factors such as smart watches with payment functionality.

  • Increased contactless payment safety with fast, flexible payments
  • Open standards including the interoperability standard EMVCo and the non-proprietary, open ticketing standard CIPURSE™ and Calypso.
  • Dual-interface functionality, contact-based, and contactless transactions
  • Supporting all common data authentication schemes
  • Innovative contactless card security technologies like CoM and SOLID FLASH™
  • Greater power efficiency

SECORA™ Pay Security Product Portfolio

The Infineon SECORA™ Pay portfolio delivers increased contactless payment safety through a range of solutions, including sophisticated Java Card™ technologies, pre-certified payment options, support for smart accessories and wearables, and Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express payment support.

However, increased convenience and environmentally friendly solutions underpinned by the latest 40mn technology providing exceptionally thin modules for dual interface payment cards, easily personalized performance, and the use of recycled and ocean-bound plastics throughout our packaging options help push your contactless offerings to the next level.

The SECORA™ Pay portfolio comprises the Pay S, Pay X and Pay W variants.

Operating system: Java Card S, GlobalPlatform 2.3.1

Interfaces: ISO 7816, ISO 14443

Cryptography: RSA, 3DES, SHA1, AES

Typical applications: Standard payment cards


Infineon SECORA™ Pay W Tag Wristband

Infineon SECORA™ Pay W Tag Wristband

At the same time, the overwhelming success of contactless
cards is driving demand for wearable payments. Gartner
forecasts that wearable form factors are set to rise dramatically in popularity, with global sales projected to grow from
around 310 million devices in 2017 to over 500 million by
2021. Many experts have earmarked payment as the “killer
app” for wearables. According to a MasterCard press release,
over 175 million Europeans are interested in paying with
wearable devices. This press release states that almost one
quarter of all Europeans expect to start using “tap and go”
contactless wearables such as smart watches, bracelets and
key rings for everyday expenses.




Infineon SECORA™ Pay X Card

Infineon SECORA™ Pay X Card

SECORA™ Pay security solutions is a flexible, innovative one-stop solution for current and future payment needs.

Infineon SECORA™ Pay X Card Pay is a flexible, innovative one-stop solution for current and future payment needs. Infineon’s SECORA™ Pay solutions, with its excellent technology backed by extensive services and design-in support, enables contactless payment functionality to be integrated into virtually anything.


Infineon SLE 66CLX800PE Card

Infineon SLE 66CLX800PE Card (JCLX80JTOP20ID

Infineon SLE 66CLX800PE Card (JCLX80JTOP11ID

Infineon SLE 66CLX800PE Card (PCLX80TCOS12ID

Infineon SLE 66CLX800PE Card (PCLX80TCOS11ID

The dual interface security controllers SLE 66CLX800PE(M) belong to the family of the Infineon
Technologies SLE 66CxxxPE high-end security controller family in 0.22 µm CMOS technology which are designed for contactless security systems that requires continuous ongoing improvements with the highest degree of protection against fraudulent attacks. SLE 66CLX800PE(M) is targeting dual interface and pure contactless smart card applications such as national electronic passports, ID cards, banking, security access, digital signature, SIM cards with embedded contactless interface and transport.
SLE 66CLX800PE(M) offers 240 Kbytes of User-ROM, 256 bytes internal RAM, 6 Kbytes XRAM, 700 bytes Crypto RAM and 80 Kbytes EEPROM, which can be used as data and as program memory. The non-volatile memory consists of high reliability cells to guarantee data integrity. This is especially important when the EEPROM is used as program memory.
It features ISO/IEC 14443 Type B contactless interfaces and Type A and ISO/IEC 7816 contactbased interface on a single chip that can be operated in parallel to answer the need of the upcoming mobile phones with a contactless interface . They also support symmetric and asymmetric public-key algorithms such like DES, 3DES, Elliptic Curves and RSA independently of the
communication mode.

Solutions for rising security demands

Infineon`s security solutions serve applications ranging from smart cards to new, emerging use cases. Our core competencies include tailor-made security, contactless technology as well as embedded control.

  • We offer industry’s broadest portfolio of security solutions including hardware, software and services.
  • We provide leading security solutions for smart card applications like SIM cards for mobile communication, payment, government identification and transport ticketing.

Infineon’s leadership extends to embedded and mobile security applications as well as internet of things security applications like smart home, connected car, industrial automation and information and communication technology.


Infineon SLE 66CX322P Card

Infineon SLE 66CX322P Card

The Target of Evaluation (TOE), the SLE66CX322P with RSA2048 chip, is a smart card IC
(Security Controller) meeting the highest requirements in terms of performance and security. It is
manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG in a 0,22 µm CMOS technology. The IC is intended to
be used in smart cards for particularly security-relevant applications.
In this security target the TOE (target of evaluation) is described and a summary specification is
given. The security environment of the TOE during its different phases of the lifecycle is defined.
The assets are identified which have to be protected through the security policy. The threats
against these assets are described. The security objectives as the objectives of the security policy
are defined as well as the security requirements. The requirements are built up of the security
functional requirements as part of the security policy and the security assurance requirements as
the steps during the evaluation and certification to show the TOE meets its requirements. The
functionality of the TOE to meet the requirements is described.




Infineon SLE 66CX360PE Card

The SLE 66CX360PE is another member of the improved 66PE-series of Infineon Technologies. This high performance security crypto controller is manufactured in advanced 0.22 µm CMOS technology. It is downward compatible to existing 66P controller derivatives. The well known ECO2000 8/16 bit CPU provides the high efficiency of the SAB 8051 instruction set extended by additional powerful instructions together with enhanced performance, memory sizes and security features compared to existing 66P derivatives.
Performance: The internal clock frequency can be adjusted to a level up to 33 MHz either as a multiple of 1,2,3,4 to the external frequency or independent of the clock rate of the terminal with the help of the internal clock. It is adjustable according to either available power requirements or required performance.



Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card

Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card (Type: SLJ52GCA036BL /CL/DL)

Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card (Type: SLJ52GDL036CL/DL)

Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card (Type: SLJ52GLA036AL)

16-bit Security Controller with “Integrity Guard”, optimized for
Contactless and Dual-Interface Payment and Identification
applications in 0.13 μm CMOS technology
36 kBytes E²PROM, 224 kBytes User ROM, 8 kBytes RAM
ISO/IEC 7816 and 14443 Type B & A Compliant Interfaces
Contactless interface acc. ISO/IEC 18092 passive mode
Crypto@2304T engine
with register lengths of up to 2304 bits, certified RSA and ECC
Symmetric Crypto Processor (SCP)
Triple-key-triple-DES and AES acceleration


Infineon SLE66R35 Card

Infineon SLE66R35 Contactless Card, SLE 66R35 Chip Card & Security ICs Mifare® NRG SLE 66R35 Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip

Mifare® NRG Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip with Interface for Contactless Transmission, Security Logic and Anticollision according to the Mifare®-System)
SLE 66R35 Mifare® System Overview SLE 66R35 is designed to operate in the Mifare system. Mifare is a contactless proximity smart
card system compliant to ISO/IEC 14443-2 and -3. The system consists of a smart card and a card
reader together with an antenna.

For more information please find the Specification SLE 66R35 DataSheet

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