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Infineon SLE 66CX322P Card

Infineon SLE 66CX322P Card

The Target of Evaluation (TOE), the SLE66CX322P with RSA2048 chip, is a smart card IC
(Security Controller) meeting the highest requirements in terms of performance and security. It is
manufactured by Infineon Technologies AG in a 0,22 µm CMOS technology. The IC is intended to
be used in smart cards for particularly security-relevant applications.
In this security target the TOE (target of evaluation) is described and a summary specification is
given. The security environment of the TOE during its different phases of the lifecycle is defined.
The assets are identified which have to be protected through the security policy. The threats
against these assets are described. The security objectives as the objectives of the security policy
are defined as well as the security requirements. The requirements are built up of the security
functional requirements as part of the security policy and the security assurance requirements as
the steps during the evaluation and certification to show the TOE meets its requirements. The
functionality of the TOE to meet the requirements is described.




Infineon SLE 66CX360PE Card

The SLE 66CX360PE is another member of the improved 66PE-series of Infineon Technologies. This high performance security crypto controller is manufactured in advanced 0.22 µm CMOS technology. It is downward compatible to existing 66P controller derivatives. The well known ECO2000 8/16 bit CPU provides the high efficiency of the SAB 8051 instruction set extended by additional powerful instructions together with enhanced performance, memory sizes and security features compared to existing 66P derivatives.
Performance: The internal clock frequency can be adjusted to a level up to 33 MHz either as a multiple of 1,2,3,4 to the external frequency or independent of the clock rate of the terminal with the help of the internal clock. It is adjustable according to either available power requirements or required performance.



Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card

Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card (Type: SLJ52GCA036BL /CL/DL)

Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card (Type: SLJ52GDL036CL/DL)

Infineon SLE 78CLX360P Card (Type: SLJ52GLA036AL)

16-bit Security Controller with “Integrity Guard”, optimized for
Contactless and Dual-Interface Payment and Identification
applications in 0.13 μm CMOS technology
36 kBytes E²PROM, 224 kBytes User ROM, 8 kBytes RAM
ISO/IEC 7816 and 14443 Type B & A Compliant Interfaces
Contactless interface acc. ISO/IEC 18092 passive mode
Crypto@2304T engine
with register lengths of up to 2304 bits, certified RSA and ECC
Symmetric Crypto Processor (SCP)
Triple-key-triple-DES and AES acceleration


Infineon SLE6636/36E Card

Infineon SLE6636/36E Card, Infineon SLE6636/36E Card, Infineon SLE6636/36E Eurochip smart card, id Infineon SLE6636/36E, Infineon SLE6636/36E smart card,

Intelligent 237–Bit EEPROM Counter
for > 20000 Units with Security Logic and
High Security Authentication

SLE 6636/36E is designed for applications in prepaid telephone cards. The chip consists of an
EEPROM memory of 221 bit, a ROM of 16 or 24 bits respectively, a control/security unit and a
special computing unit for chip authentication.

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Infineon SLE66R35 Card

Infineon SLE66R35 Contactless Card, SLE 66R35 Chip Card & Security ICs Mifare® NRG SLE 66R35 Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip

Mifare® NRG Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip with Interface for Contactless Transmission, Security Logic and Anticollision according to the Mifare®-System)
SLE 66R35 Mifare® System Overview SLE 66R35 is designed to operate in the Mifare system. Mifare is a contactless proximity smart
card system compliant to ISO/IEC 14443-2 and -3. The system consists of a smart card and a card
reader together with an antenna.

For more information please find the Specification SLE 66R35 DataSheet

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Infineon SLF 9630 Card

The CIPURSE™SAM is a dedicated high-performance 16-bit Security Controller with “Integrity Guard” that provides CIPURSE™ Secure Access Module (SAM) functionality for use in Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems, Access Control systems and other smart card security applications. Further, the CIPURSE™SAM can be used to communicate with NRG™ (ISO/IEC 14443-3 type A with CRYPTO1)1kByte and 4 kByte smart cards.

Infineon SLF9000 Card

Security & Chip Card ICs
SLF9000 Terminal IC
Terminal IC for Contactless Chip Cards according to ISO 14443- Type A/ B with multiplexed/ demultiplexed 8- bit parallel interface

  • Carrier freq. 13.56 MHz
  • Data rate 106 Kbit/s
  • Data transparent
  • Register driven operation
  • all ISO 14443 protocols supported
  • additional other protocol ( e.g. type B2 -fast Siemens)
  • Frame length up to 128 bytes
  • Type A (e.g. Mifare), deterministic anticollision procedures supported by HW
  • 8-bit parallel interface with three selectable modes:
    • non-multiplexed
    • multiplexed ( Intel compatible)
    • Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) interface
  • 128 Byte FIFO for burstwise data transmission/ reception
  • Transmission error detection by CRC according ISO 3309 and CCITT-16 with programmable CRC modes
  • Optional odd parity handling
  • Supports inexpensive external single Analog Interface (AIF)
  • Free programmable 16 bit hardware timer e.g. for real time operation
  • Encoders
    • Transaction speed: 106 Kbit/s according to ISO 14443
    • Cascade level operation supported
  • Decoders
    • Slot marker operation possible
    • Decoding algorithm parameters adjustable
    • Any number of time slots supported

Infineon SLJ 52G Java Card™ (SLJ 52GCA080BC)

Infineon SLJ 52G Java Card™ ID platform on SLE 78 (SLJ 52GCA080BC)

Open platform for eGovernment and enterprise application

The SLJ 52G is based on our  SLE 78 security controller featuring Integrity Guard. These CC EAL 5+ certified controller offers full encryption of the data path – a unique feature in the market. Even within the CPU, data is only processed in encrypted form. Digital error detection over the complete data path is completed by two CPUs that continuously monitor each other’s operation. Available in different hardware and software configurations, this family provides tailored solutions for government ID projects scaling from basic implementations to complex, feature-rich solutions.

Combined with Java Card OS, the SLE 78 offers the ultimate open platform for eGovernment and enterprise applications. It enables designers, manufacturers and other stakeholders to easily introduce tailored applications without compromising on security. This innovative platform facilitates the delivery of multiple applications such as National eID, ePassport, eSignature and eHealth Card / eSocial Card on a single card.


Infineon SLJ 52G Java Card™ (SLJ 52GCA128CR)

Infineon SLJ 52G Java Card™ (SLJ 52GCA128CR)  ID platform on SLE 78

The combination of the SLE 78 with Integrity Guard, industry’s most advanced security controller with Oracle’s latest Java Card implementation offers the ultimate open platform for eGoverment and enterprise applications. It enables any stakeholders to easily introduce tailored applications, like ePassport, eSignature or eHealth on a single card.