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JCOP21 Card

The JCOP V2.2 on the P521x072, 521×036 and P521x018 is an open operating system based  on a Secure PKI Smart Card Controller of the SmartMX platform. Operating in contact mode (ISO/IEC 7816) the user defines the final function of the application running on JCOP21 V2.2

JCOP41 Nxp Jcop41 Card


NXP ® JCOP® Java Card™

NXP ® JCOP® Java Card™ electronic ID solutions

JCOP 4 EMV is a field-proven, vendor-independent OS for chip-card applications. It provides
multi-application support for dual-interface, contactless and contact formats, and delivers
benchmark transaction performance for EMV payment whether on card or other form factors

NXP ® JCOP® Java Card™    eGovernmentNational eID- Electronic passport– Electronic Health Card, eGovernment eID National ID Card Digital signature card- Micro payment, etc.




Please contact us for eGovernment eID, National ID Card, Healthcare Card projets.


DESFire EV3Plus EV2ClassicUltralight,Ultralight​ C​, SAM AV3NXP JCOP41 SmartMXNTAG 424 DNA 




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In a world of connected things, an increasing number of contactless applications and a constant flow of security attacks, there is an urgent demand for solutions that harmonize security, flexibility, and convenience. NXP’s JCOP Pay provides a solution that leverages a multitude of payment use cases to fit consumer needs.

With more than half a billion devices already deployed in the field, JCOP Pay has proven to be the go-to solution for payment card applications. Its versatile application range allows support for contact, contactless and dual communication interfaces. At the same time, JCOP Pay sets benchmark-standards in the industry with excellent transaction time.

JCOP Pay complements the SmartMX® family and offers both EMVCo and Common Criteria® certification, enabling customers to develop functionality for a reliable and seamless experience. As a highly flexible solution, JCOP Pay reduces the time-to-market and implementation cost while offering customization through a complete range of certified applets, both global and market specific.

JCOP Pay supports convergence and offers convenience to end-customers by bringing together identification, transport and payment solutions through MIFARE® DESFire® implementation on the EMV® payment chip.


Next generation Java Card OS (JCOP) provides higher security and more flexibility for developing and integrating convergence solutions covering identity and payment on smart cards

News Highlights :

  • Advanced Java Card™ Platform (JCOP3) builds upon NXP’s 15 years of leadership and expertise in secure Java Card operating system technology that supports the convergence of eGovernment, payment and mobility applications on a single device
  • New product offers more flexibility to work with 3rd party applets and allows native functionalities through NXP’s unique SecureBox solution
  • Includes extended feature set with a full range of certified applets to improve time-to-market


Part Number: P541x072

NXP (Philips) Semiconductors offers a JavaCard Open Platform operating system called
JCOP V2.2.1 based on independent, third party specifications, i.e. by Sun Microsystems,
the Global Platform consortium, the International Organization for Standards (ISO), EMV
and others.
JCOP V2.2.1 family based on the SmartMX family which is manufactured in most
advanced CMOS 0.18 µm 5 metal layer technology is positioned to service high volume,
mono- and multi-application markets such as eGovernment e.g. Smart Passport,
banking/finance, mobile communications, public transportation, pay TV, conditional
access, network access and digital rights management.

NXP ® JCOP® Java Card™ OS for SmartMX® 3 Secure Microcontrollers

NXP JCOP41 Card Factsheet



DESFire EV3Plus EV2ClassicUltralight,Ultralight C, SAM AV3NXP JCOP41 SmartMXNTAG 424 DNA  HITA


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