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Activation Adhesive Label for Smart Card

Card Activation Adhesive Label for SmartCard, Credit & Debit Card,

Adhesive Full-Color Label Layout for Credit Card, Debit Card, Any Card Labels specializes in the card industry, our activation label is one of the best of its kind to be explicitly created for plastic cards. It features a no-residue adhesive, excellent aging characteristics, and printable film and papers for personalization during or after application.
Clean removability from a wide variety of card surfaces
No residue
Excellent aging characteristics
Printable films and papers available
Available in high-capacity roll formats
Materials readily available for fast order turn
All type adhesives available
Custom print designs or blank for personalization after or during application
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Avery Dennison Intelligent RFID Labels

Avery Dennison  integrated global RFID approach is proven to increase inventory accuracy,
improve supply chain agility and enhance visibility across all channels.
When you choose Avery Dennison RFID, you get field-proven inlay products,
advanced research and testing capabilities, experienced engineering and technical
resources, and, most importantly, a partner with a deep understanding of what it
takes to make your application successful.
Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from innovation and product design
to development and production. The majority of our inlays now feature our patented
SmartFace™ Technology, which is one of the most sustainable solutions on the
market, reducing your brand’s environmental impact.

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Monza 5 Dura RFID Labels & Tags

The Monza® 5 UHF RFID tag chip is optimized for serializing items such as apparel, electronics,
cosmetics, documents, and jewelry. It delivers unmatched read reliability for effective RFID
business systems and record-breaking encoding performance to enable the lowest applied tag
cost. The Monza 5 tag chip joins the Monza tag chip family, which is regarded as an industry
leader in reliability, consistency, flexibility and Gen 2 & ISO-18000-6C compliance.

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Impinj Monza 5 Dura Product Brief

Impinj Monza 5 Datasheet