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A Atmel T5577 Proximity Card

The ATA5577 is a contactless read/write identification IC (IDIC®) for applications in the 125-kHz or 134-kHz frequency band. A single coil connected to the chip serves as the IC’s power supply and bi-directional communication interface. The antenna and chip together form a transponder or tag. The on-chip 363-bit EEPROM (11 blocks with 33 bits each) can be read and written block-wise from a base station (reader). Data is transmitted from the IDIC (uplink) using load modulation. This is achieved by damping the RF field with a resistive load between the two terminals Coil 1 and Coil 2. The IC receives and decodes serial base station commands (downlink), which are encoded as 100% amplitude modulated (OOK) pulse-interval-encoded bit streams. A complete datasheet with further technical data is available on request. Please contact your local sales office.  

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AT45DB041 Card


AT45DB041 Card

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• Single 2.5V or 2.7V to 3.6V Supply
• RapidS Serial Interface: 66 MHz Maximum Clock Frequency
– SPI Compatible Modes 0 and 3
• User Configurable Page Size
– 256 Bytes per Page
– 264 Bytes per Page
– Page Size Can Be Factory Pre-configured for 256 Bytes
• Page Program Operation
– Intelligent Programming Operation
– 2,048 Pages (256/264 Bytes/Page) Main Memory
• Flexible Erase Options
– Page Erase (256 Bytes)
– Block Erase (2 Kbytes)
– Sector Erase (64 Kbytes)
– Chip Erase (4 Mbits)
• Two SRAM Data Buffers (256/264 Bytes)
– Allows Receiving of Data while Reprogramming the Flash Array
• Continuous Read Capability through Entire Array
– Ideal for Code Shadowing Applications
• Low-power Dissipation
– 7 mA Active Read Current Typical
– 25 μA Standby Current Typical
– 15 μA Deep Power-down Typical
• Hardware and Software Data Protection Features
– Individual Sector
• Sector Lockdown for Secure Code and Data Storage
– Individual Sector
• Security: 128-byte Security Register
– 64-byte User Programmable Space
– Unique 64-byte Device Identifier
• JEDEC Standard Manufacturer and Device ID Read
• 100,000 Program/Erase Cycles Per Page Minimum
• Data Retention – 20 Years
• Industrial Temperature Range
• Green (Pb/Halide-free/RoHS Compliant) Packaging Options


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