EM4200 Card, Key Fobs

EM4200 Card, Key Fobs

Introduction :

    • This RFID key-fob card is for RFID Proximity access control system keypad, with unique digit ID number in each key-fob card (This RFID card is read only and not rewritable.) which make it possible to records by the control system to implement the pre-set function such as door open , password management. 125KHz Proxy Card

These products are widely applied in access control system and related applications .

Specification :

  • Pre-programmed with unique digit ID number in each key fob card (This RFID card is read only and not rewritable.)
  • Frequency : 125KHz
  • Standard : EM4100 compatible
  • Contactless transmission of data
  • Material : PVC
  • Reading Distance: 5cm ~ 12cm
  • size: 85.6*54*0.76mm
  • weight:5.77g/PCS
  • Waterproof

IDENTIV uTrust MD Smart Card

uTrust V1.0 80K MD Contact Smart Card with 125 KHz Proximity

P/N: 20-011

Identity Management Simplified

The state-of-the-art uTrust MD security model leverages smart card technology, PKI, and digital certificates, and features secure data storage, user-based access to data, and worldwide-approved EAL 5+ Common Criteria accreditation.

Supported Services

  • RSA-based data signature and/or encryption (up to 2048-bit)
  • Set/change/unblock PIN via Windows User Interface (UI)
  • Digital certificate enrollment and import

Secure Windows-Compatible Access

Based on X.509 digital certificates, these strong-authentication credentials are ideal for computer security applications. The Microsoft Smart Card Base CSP is a cryptographic service provider integrated into Windows, enabling Minidriver-compatible smart cards to support Microsoft-compatible security applications, including Windows Domain Log-On, VPN, Outlook® email signing and encryption, secure web access, and Wireless LAN authentication. Compatibility also ensures support for a variety of smart card management systems (CMS) and Certificate Authorities (CA).


IDENTIV uTrust V1.0 80K MD Dual Smart Card with MIFARE Classic 1K and 125 KHz

uTrust V1.0 80K MD Dual Smart Card with MIFARE Classic 1K and 125 KHz Proximity

P/N: 20-019

uTrust MD Smart Card
Certificate-Based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Credential for
Microsoft® Minidriver (MD)
Plug and Play
Ready-to-use off the shelf and fully compatible with Microsoft Windows
Smart Card Framework (WSF)
Turnkey Compatibility
Supports existing Microsoft-compatible logical access security applications,
including Windows Domain Log-On, VPN, Outlook® email signing and
encryption, secure web access, Wireless LAN authentication, and VPN
Converged Access
Combines digital certificate-based PKI smart cards with physical access
credentials, including 13.56 MHz and 125 KHz proximity


Infineon Contactless Chips SRF 55V10S, SLE 66R35, SLE 66R32P NB, SLE 66R64P, SLE 66R01P, SLE 66R01PN, SLE 66R01L, SLE 66R01LN, SLE 66R08S, SLE 66R32S, SLE 66R64S, SRF 55V02P, SRF 55V02P HC, SRF 55V10P, SRF 55V10P HC, SRF 55V02S,SRF 55V10S HC , SRF 55V02S HC


Optimized for personal and object identification

Infineon’s my-d™ products are available in plain mode with open memory access and in secure mode with memory access controlled by authentication procedures. Architectural interoperability of my-d™ products enables an easy migration from simple to more demanding applications.

Flexible controls within the my-d™ devices start with plain mode operation featuring individual page locking; for more complex applications various settings in secure mode can be set for multi user / multi application configurations. In plain mode access to the memory is supported by 4-byte block as well as 8-byte page structure. In secure mode a cryptographic algorithm based on a 64-bit key is available. Mutual authentication, message authentication codes (MAC) and customized access conditions protect the memory against unauthorized access. Configurable Value Counters featuring anti-tearing functionality are suitable for value token applications, such as limited use transportation tickets.



Application Note

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Infineon Smart Card Modules

The Infineon Smart Card Modules and innovative Coil on Module (CoM) packaging technology from Infineon uses a radio frequency link instead of the mechanical/electrical
connection typically used between the card antenna and the module. This improves the robustness and long-term reliability of dualinterface (DIF) payment cards as well as ID documents and simplifies card design, manufacturing and logistics, making these processes
more efficient and up to five times faster than with conventional technologies.
Based on our extensive semiconductor and module expertise as well as our profound understanding of card manufacturers’ systems and
requirements, COM underlines our technology leadership in this field.
CoM design featuring inductive coupling
Inductive coupling technology for DIF applications employs two antennas, one on the module and one on the card inlay. These antennas
connect electromagnetically, functioning in a similar way to the air interface of contactless cards.