Infineon Smart Card Modules

The Infineon Smart Card Modules and innovative Coil on Module (CoM) packaging technology from Infineon uses a radio frequency link instead of the mechanical/electrical
connection typically used between the card antenna and the module. This improves the robustness and long-term reliability of dualinterface (DIF) payment cards as well as ID documents and simplifies card design, manufacturing and logistics, making these processes
more efficient and up to five times faster than with conventional technologies.
Based on our extensive semiconductor and module expertise as well as our profound understanding of card manufacturers’ systems and
requirements, COM underlines our technology leadership in this field.
CoM design featuring inductive coupling
Inductive coupling technology for DIF applications employs two antennas, one on the module and one on the card inlay. These antennas
connect electromagnetically, functioning in a similar way to the air interface of contactless cards.