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  • UCODE 7m Card, Labels or Tags

    NXP’s UCODE 7 IC is the leading-edge EPC Gen2 RFID chip that offers best-in-class performance and features for use in the most demanding RFID tagging applications. Particularly well suited for inventory management application, like e.g Retail and Fashion, with its leading edge RF performance for any given form factor, UCODE 7 enables long read distance and fast inventory of dense RFID tag population. With its broadband design, it offers the possibility to manufacture true global RFID label with best-in-class performance over worldwide regulations. The device also provides a pre-serialized 96-bit EPC and a Parallel encoding feature. For applications where the same 58-bit Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) needs to be encoded on multiple tags, at the same time, a combination of both features improves and simplifies the tag initialization process. On top, UCODE 7 offers a Tag Power Indicator for RFID tag initialization optimization and a Product Status Flag for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) application. UCODE7 DATSHEET SL3S1204

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  • UCODE 7xm / UCODE 7xm+ RFID Tags, Labels, Card

      The UCODE 7xm series is the latest generation of NXP’s memory UHF tag ICs. With the leading-edge read range UCODE 7xm is well suited for applications which require high read range and also demanding an extended user memory to store data specific to customer or products. UCODE 7xm offers an user memory of 1-kbit or 2-kbit, whereas UCODE 7xm+ supports 2-kbit user memory and a 384-bit digital signature. Both products incorporate features known from UCODE 7 like pre-serialization, tag power indicator as well as the product status flag. There are numbers of applications where the combination of high read range and user memory is needed, such as: • Inventory and supply chain management • Process optimization (e.g in the automotive industry) • Brand protection/authentication (e.g. expensive wines or branded luxury fashion items) • Automatic vehicle ID where no cryptography is required • Asset tracking (e.g. for high value assets)

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  • UCODE G2iL / G2iL+ RFID Card, Labels, Tags

    ucode g2im and g2im+ UCODE g2im rfid chain management, UCODE G2iM rfid Item level tagging, UCODE G2iM rfid Pallet and case tracking, UCODE G2iM rfid Container identification Product authentication, UCODE G2iM rfid PCB tagging Cost efficient, UCODE G2iM rfid low level seals Wireless, UCODE G2iM rfid   NXP’s UCODE G2iL series transponder ICs offer leading-edge read range and support industry-first features such as a Tag Tamper Alarm, Data Transfer, Digital Switch, and advanced privacy-protection modes. Very high chip sensitivity (-18 dBm) enables longer read ranges with simple, single-port antenna designs. When connected to a power supply, the READ as well as the WRITE range can be boosted to a sensitivity of -27 dBm. In fashion and retail the UCODE G2iL series improve read rates and provide for theft deterrence. For consumer electronics the UCODE G2iL series is suited for device configuration, activation, production control, and PCB tagging. In authentication applications the transponders can be used to protect brands and guard against counterfeiting. They can also be used to tag containers, electronic vehicles, airline baggage, and more. In addition to the EPC specifications the G2iL offers an integrated Product Status Flag (PSF) feature and read protection of the memory content. On top of the G2iL features the G2iL+ offers an integrated tag tamper alarm, RF field detection, digital switch, external supply mode, read range reduction and data transfer mode.  

    UCODE G2iL & g2ILSL3S1203_1213

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  • UCODE G2XM G2XL Card, Labels or Tags

    The UHF EPCglobal Generation 2 standard allows the commercialized provision of mass adoption of UHF RFID technology for passive smart tags and labels. Main fields of applications are supply chain management and logistics for worldwide use with special consideration of European, US and Chinese frequencies to ensure that operating distances of several meters can be realized. The G2X is a dedicated chip for passive, intelligent tags and labels supporting the EPCglobal Class 1 Generation 2 UHF RFID standard. It is especially suited for applications where operating distances of several meters and high anti-collision rates are required. The G2X is a product out of the NXP Semiconductors UCODE product family. The entire UCODE product family offers anti-collision and collision arbitration functionality. This allows a reader to simultaneously operate multiple labels / tags within its antenna field. A UCODE G2X based label/ tag requires no external power supply. Its contact-less interface generates the power supply via the antenna circuit by propagative energy transmission from the interrogator (reader), while the system clock is generated by an on-chip oscillator. Data transmitted from interrogator to label/tag is demodulated by the interface, and it also modulates the interrogator’s electromagnetic field for data transmission from label/tag to interrogator. A label/tag can be operated without the need for line of sight or battery, as long as it is connected to a dedicated antenna for the targeted frequency range. When the label/tag is within the interrogator’s operating range, the high-speed wireless interface allows data transmission in both directions. In addition to the EPC specifications the G2X offers an integrated EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) feature and read protection of the memory content. On top of the specification of the G2XL the G2XM offers 512-bit of user memory.

    UCODE G2XL G2XL SL3ICS1002_1202

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  • UCODE HSL, Labels, Tags, Card

      The UCODE HSL IC (UCODE High frequency Smart Label) is a dedicated chip for passive, intelligent tags and labels, especially for supply chain management and logistics applications in the US, where operating distances of several meters can be realized. Further, the UCODE HSL technology platform is also designed for operation under European regulations. This integrated circuit is the first member of a product family of smart label ICs targeted to be compliant with the future ISO standards 18000-4 and 18000-6 for item management. The UCODE system offers the possibility of operating labels simultaneously in the field of the reader antenna (Anticollision, Collision Arbitration). The UCODE HSL family of ICs is especially designed for long range applications. The tag requires no internal power supply. Its contactless interface generates the power supply via the antenna circuit by propagative energy transmission from the interrogator (read/write device), while the system clock is generated by an on-board oscillator. The contactless interface demodulates data transmitted from the interrogator to the UCODE HSL based tag, and further modulates the electromagnetic field provided by the interrogator for data transmission from the UCODE HSL based tag to the interrogator.

    UCODE HSL SL3ICS3001_072831 

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