• LRI 2K Card ST Chips

    LRI512 CARD

    2048-bit EEPROM tag IC at 13.56 MHz, with 64-bit UID and kill code, ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 Mode 1 compliant Features ■ ISO 15693 standard fully compliant ■ ISO 18000-3 Mode 1 standard fully compliant ■ 13.56 MHz ±7 kHz carrier frequency ■ To tag: 10% or 100% ASK modulation using 1/4 (26 Kbit/s) or 1/256 (1.6 Kbit/s) pulse position coding ■ From tag: load modulation using Manchester coding with 423 kHz and 484 kHz subcarriers in low (6.6 Kbit/s) or high (26 Kbit/s) data rate mode. Supports the 53 Kbit/s data rate with Fast commands ■ Internal tuning capacitor (21 pF, 23.5 pF, 28.5 pF, 97 pF) ■ 1 000 000 Erase/Write cycles (minimum) ■ 40 year data retention (minimum) ■ 2048 bits EEPROM with Block Lock feature ■ 64-bit unique identifier (UID) ■ Electrical article surveillance capable (software controlled) ■ Kill function ■ Read & Write (Block of 32 bits) ■ 5 ms programming time ■ Packages – ECOPACK® (RoHS compliant)

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  • LRI512 NFC Card or Tags

    The NFC technology allows accessing standard ISO/IEC 15693 products such as STMicroelectronics Dual interface EEPROMs (M24LR04E-R, M24LR16E-R and M24LR64E-R) and ST ISO/IEC 15693 RFID tag products (LRI1K, LRI2K, LRIS2K and LRIS64K). The NFC forum specifies a data structure standard named NDEF allowing user data exchange. Data can be either text, URI or picture. RFID or NFC tag memory can embed NDEF messages and share it with different hosts (reader, mobile phone). This application note explains how to apply the NDEF format to STMicroelectronics ISO/IEC 15693 products (LRI1K, LRI2K, LRIS2K, LRIS64K, M24LRxx-R and M24LRxxE-R).

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  • SRIX4K NFC Card

    SRIX4K Chips: The SRIX4K is a contactless memory, powered by an externally transmitted radio wave. It contains a 4096-bit user EEPROM. The memory is organized as 128 blocks of 32 bits. The SRIX4K is accessed via the 13.56 MHz carrier. Incoming data are demodulated and decoded from the received amplitude shift keying (ASK) modulation signal and outgoing data are generated by load variation using bit phase shift keying (BPSK) coding of a 847 kHz subcarrier. The received ASK wave is 10% modulated. The data transfer rate between the SRIX4K and the reader is 106 Kbit/s in both reception and emission modes. The SRIX4K follows the ISO 14443-2 Type B recommendation for the radio-frequency power and signal interface. 13.56 MHz short-range contactless memory chip with 4096-bit EEPROM, anticollision and anti-clone functions Features ■ ISO 14443-2 Type B air interface compliant ■ ISO 14443-3 Type B frame format compliant ■ 13.56 MHz carrier frequency ■ 847 kHz subcarrier frequency ■ 106 Kbit/second data transfer ■ France Telecom proprietary anti-clone function ■ 8 bit Chip_ID based anticollision system ■ 2 count-down binary counters with automated antitearing protection ■ 64-bit unique identifier ■ 4096-bit EEPROM with write protect feature ■ Read_block and Write_block (32 bits) ■ Internal tuning capacitor ■ 1million erase/write cycles ■ 40-year data retention ■ Self-timed programming cycle ■ 5 ms typical programming time

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