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  • Scans most 1D and 2D barcodes on paper, mobile phones and computer displays
  • With the most compact size and small foot-print can fit in constrained areas
  • Support hands-free and handheld scan
  • Multi-code mode allows simultaneous scanning of a group of barcodes
  • Scanner head can be forward and backward adjusted in a total 180° range to accommodate to your application
  • Available configuration tool and data formatting functionality eliminating the need for host system modifications
  • Both contact and air 20KV Electro-Static discharge
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Side touch power button






SMART Health Cards digital versions of your clinical information, such as vaccination history or test results. They allow you to keep a copy of your records on hand and share this information with others if you choose. You can easily store them and your other health records all in one place. If it’s an emergency, it helps to manage the patient’s while they are in the hospital or an medical center. The patient visits a doctor or a pharmacy, or a lab, all the details will be registered in this health card system. Ranging from doctor appointment to the medication prescribed, medical tests, when they are done, every bit of detail will be available in your health profile.


Your Security is Our Priority​.​



DESFire EV3Plus EV2ClassicUltralight,Ultralight C, SAM AV3NXP JCOP41 SmartMXNTAG 424 DNA 




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SmartCard America’s state of the art faculty can make the Secure ID CARD PERSONALIZATION for your organization. Our ID CARD  PERSONALIZATION equipment could offer you with CR80 PVC Card, Contactless Printed ID Cards with MIFARE® and all other NFC Smart Cards, and Contact Smart Card ID Personalization to handle your security issues and manage your employees or students.

It will last longer than laminated cards. If an employee loses their card, we can replace it immediately.

We will:

  • Design your ID Card
  • Download Photos and Data
  • Set up and maintain a database
  • Set up and maintain the image file
  • Produce your ID Cards as needed
  • Ship to your location within 2-5 working days.
  • Valid documentation required for each Person. Any Business, Intuition, and Corporation needed to provide the Valid documentation to confirm each Individual.
  • Attached all the documentation and image with the Quote Request.
  • Biomatric (Fingerprint Readers, Facial Recognition, Body Temperature Detection, Trun-Key Design-Build Outstanding Expertise).

Your Security is Our Priority. 


IDENTIV Primis Access Control Readers

Entry-level access control gets you up and
running in less than ten minutes.
Identiv’s Primis Access Control
Readers are secure, flexible, simple
to configure, and enhance any
access control environment without
a costly investment. Primis brings
the latest technology to traditional
access control systems by supporting
both smart card and proximity-based
access control credentials.
Primis is available in three (3) different
finishes (matte black, gloss black, or
matte white) granting even greater
flexibility to meet the needs of a
specific installation. Customers or
sites requiring customization can
request unique faceplates using the
Primis Premiere program, providing
greater brand exposure.
Plug-and-play Primis is designed
to work in the government or
commercial space and is ideal for
schools, banks, apartment complexes,
retail establishments, or any
environment that:
• Uses multiple credential populations
(i.e., proximity and smart card)
• Needs to migrate from one
credential technology to another
• Requires support for single-site,
multi-tenant access control systems


IDENTIV uTrust MD Smart Card

uTrust V1.0 80K MD Contact Smart Card with 125 KHz Proximity

P/N: 20-011

Identity Management Simplified

The state-of-the-art uTrust MD security model leverages smart card technology, PKI, and digital certificates, and features secure data storage, user-based access to data, and worldwide-approved EAL 5+ Common Criteria accreditation.

Supported Services

  • RSA-based data signature and/or encryption (up to 2048-bit)
  • Set/change/unblock PIN via Windows User Interface (UI)
  • Digital certificate enrollment and import

Secure Windows-Compatible Access

Based on X.509 digital certificates, these strong-authentication credentials are ideal for computer security applications. The Microsoft Smart Card Base CSP is a cryptographic service provider integrated into Windows, enabling Minidriver-compatible smart cards to support Microsoft-compatible security applications, including Windows Domain Log-On, VPN, Outlook® email signing and encryption, secure web access, and Wireless LAN authentication. Compatibility also ensures support for a variety of smart card management systems (CMS) and Certificate Authorities (CA).


IDENTIV uTrust Proximity Cards, Tags & Wristband

uTrust Proximity Credentials

This is physical access control made easy.From enterprise to government, enable employees, temporary workers, and visitors.

Simple, contactless, low-frequency (125 kHz) uTrust Proximity Credentials are compatible with most existing building systems.

Custom Artwork
• The printing method used for custom artwork is offset printing on ISO cards and pad printing on clamshell cards.
• Minimum quantity order is 1,000 credentials.
• Submit artwork to Identiv via email:
• File formats must be .eps or .tif.
• Files created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is highly recommended and must be at least 300 DPI.
• Color images should be converted from RGB to CMYK, Pantone or PMS.
• Artwork (including logos, graphic art and text) should all be converted to paths/outlines.
• Incorporate about 0.1 in (2.54 mm) of overwork for all bleed artwork.
• Artwork set-up fees will apply.
• All custom artwork purchase orders must be submitted with the setup fee as a line item on the PO to Identiv.
• Artwork approval must be signed and returned to Identiv prior to the order being processed.
• After artwork approval, the order will be produced and programmed within the 5 – 6 week lead time window.
• Contact your Identiv sales representative for questions on custom artwork pricing.



IDENTIV uTrust V1.0 80K MD Dual Smart Card with MIFARE Classic 1K and 125 KHz

uTrust V1.0 80K MD Dual Smart Card with MIFARE Classic 1K and 125 KHz Proximity

P/N: 20-019

uTrust MD Smart Card
Certificate-Based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Credential for
Microsoft® Minidriver (MD)
Plug and Play
Ready-to-use off the shelf and fully compatible with Microsoft Windows
Smart Card Framework (WSF)
Turnkey Compatibility
Supports existing Microsoft-compatible logical access security applications,
including Windows Domain Log-On, VPN, Outlook® email signing and
encryption, secure web access, Wireless LAN authentication, and VPN
Converged Access
Combines digital certificate-based PKI smart cards with physical access
credentials, including 13.56 MHz and 125 KHz proximity



The National ID Number (NIN) Project aims to build an interdisciplinary body of knowledge on national identification numbers, examining their necessity, benefits, challenges, feasibility, and implications. Like other UN, The World Bank, projects, etc. These projects will influence the practical spheres of policymaking and program implementation.

These National ID programs are also the opportunity to create a secure digital identity for each cardholder.

These secure electronic identity cards generally referred to as eID cards, or simply eID’s are opening the gate to secure and trusted online services.

The most common applications for these smart cards are smart to travel documents, electronic IDs, electronic signatures, municipal cards, key cards used to access secure areas or business infrastructures, social security cards, etc.