Infineon SLE66R35 Contactless Card

Infineon SLE66R35 Contactless Card Mifare® NRG Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip with Interface for Contactless Transmission, Security Logic and Anticollision according to the Mifare®-System) SLE 66R35 Mifare® System Overview SLE 66R35 is designed to operate in the Mifare system. Mifare is a contactless proximity smart card system compliant to ISO/IEC 14443-2 and -3. The system consists of a smart card and a card reader together with an antenna. Contactless Energy and Data Transfer In the Mifare system the operating distance between card and reader antenna is up to 10 cm and more (influenced by external circuitry i.e. reader-antenna configuration). The card's antenna consists of a simple coil with a few turns embedded in plastic. Mifare cards are passive - they do not contain a battery. The high speed RF communication interface transmits at up to 106 kbit/s. Mifare - The User-Friendly Contactless System The Mifare system is designed to be user-friendly. High data transmission rate results in short transaction times, the effect being that a Mifare card user can move freely through a reader gate with minimum disruption. A typical ticketing transaction can be handled in less than 100 ms. Robust contactless transmission means that the Mifare card may also remain in the wallet of the user even if there are coins in it. An intelligent anticollision function enables more than one card in the field to operate simultaneously. The anticollision algorithm selects each card individually and ensures that the execution of a transaction with a selected card is performed correctly without data corruption resulting from other cards in the field. Multi-Application Functionality The Mifare system is especially suited for the use in multi-application schemes, for example combining transportation fare collection scheme and a ticketing system, for example stadium ticketing. Both applications can be performed with the same card, as hierarchical key management is supported. This means that two different keys for each memory sector can be assigned to enable authentication to that sector. System Security In the Mifare system design, emphasis has been placed on security against fraud. Access to the card memory is only allowed after a three pass authentication. The serial number is unique for each card and can never be changed. Each data transmission is enciphered. Configurable access conditions protected by secret keys for memory operations as read or write protect from misuse. Chip Card & Security ICs Mifare® NRG SLE 66R35 Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip with Interface for Contactless Transmission according to the Mifare®-System

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