Infineon SLE66R35 Card

Infineon SLE66R35 Contactless Card, SLE 66R35 Chip Card & Security ICs Mifare® NRG SLE 66R35 Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip Mifare® NRG Intelligent 1 Kbyte Memory Chip with Interface for Contactless Transmission, Security Logic and Anticollision according to the Mifare®-System) SLE 66R35 Mifare® System Overview SLE 66R35 is designed to operate in the Mifare system. Mifare is a contactless proximity smart card system compliant to ISO/IEC 14443-2 and -3. The system consists of a smart card and a card reader together with an antenna.

For more information please find the Specification SLE 66R35 DataSheet

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