LRI512 NFC Card or Tags

The NFC technology allows accessing standard ISO/IEC 15693 products such as STMicroelectronics Dual interface EEPROMs (M24LR04E-R, M24LR16E-R and M24LR64E-R) and ST ISO/IEC 15693 RFID tag products (LRI1K, LRI2K, LRIS2K and LRIS64K). The NFC forum specifies a data structure standard named NDEF allowing user data exchange. Data can be either text, URI or picture. RFID or NFC tag memory can embed NDEF messages and share it with different hosts (reader, mobile phone). This application note explains how to apply the NDEF format to STMicroelectronics ISO/IEC 15693 products (LRI1K, LRI2K, LRIS2K, LRIS64K, M24LRxx-R and M24LRxxE-R).

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