MIFARE Classic 1K Card 4byte with Magnetic Strip


MIFARE Classic 1K Card with Magnetic Strip & Hi-coercivity mag stripe cards are designed for simple integration and user convenience, allowing transactions to be completed in less than 100 ms. This means that the cardholder is not forced to stop at the card reader for the card to be read. This high-speed processing allows high throughput at gates, boarding areas, and toll booths. 1K Mifare cards with mag stripes can even remain in a wallet or purse during the transaction. With one kByte EEPROM read/write memory, Mifare Classic 1K cards are compatible with existing Mifare infrastructures. They function at a distance of up to 10cm, without the need for a battery. Includes a high-coercivity, three track magnetic stripe. These NXP 1K Mifare cards with mag are available in your choice of 100% PVC or composite PVC-PET, 13.56 MHz, Type A standard, CR80 size (standard credit card size), with a gloss finish. NXP 1K Mifare cards with mag may be used for a variety of applications, including ID cards, access control, event ticketing, road tolls, and public transportation.



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