Mifare Classic 4k Key Fob

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MIFARE Classic 4K with 4byte Key Fob. 

Mifare 4K is considered one of the most successful contactless technologies in the world. MIFARE cards are reportedly the most widely. used contactless smartcard technology for smart card transactions. Since the launch of the MIFARE card, more than 500 million smart card chips and 5 million reader modules were sold. The beauty of the card is that the interface is an open platform for system developers, which implies that applications could be built under the industry norm. MIFARE interface platform consists of a few product lines. and the MIFARE 1k belongs to the MIFARE Classic family. The MIFARE 1k is fundamentally used for storing memories. yet a simple security mechanism divides the memories into segments. Therefore, this product family. is ideal for high-volume transactions like transport ticketing, time and attendance solutions, car parking, and loyalty programs. Bulk Quantity 1000+ WE DO OFFER BEST POSSIBLE PRICING. PLEASE CALL US, TOLL-FREE 1-800-537-1708. MIFARE 1K Datasheet MF1S50YYX_V1

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