The NXP MIFARE SAM AV2. hardware solution is the ideal add-on for reader devices offering additional security services. Supporting TDEA, AES and RSA capabilities. it offers secure storage and secure communication in a variety of infrastructures. Unlike other products in the field, MIFARE SAM AV2 has proven interoperability with all of NXP's broad card portfolio, (MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C. MIFARE 1K. MIFARE 4K, MIFARE Plus. MIFARE DESFire. MIFARE DESFire EV1 and SmartMX solutions). making it the most versatile and secure SAM solution on the market today. Secured communication. When used in combination with a reader IC. supporting innovative "X" features, MIFARE SAM AV2 provides a significant boost in performance to the reader along with faster communication. between reader and module. The "X" feature is a new way to use the SAM in a system, with SAM connected to the microcontroller and the reader IC simultaneously. The one variant, identified with T1AD2060, can be connected to RC52X contactless reader ICs, the other variant, identified T1AR1070. can be connected to RC663 using the X-feature. Apart from the difference in the interface, both variants have the same functionality. The connection between the SAM and the reader is performed using security protocols. based on either symmetric cryptography (TDEA and AES) or PKI RSA asymmetric. cryptography. The protocols comply with the state-of-art standards and thereby ensure. data confidentiality and integrity. 2. Features and benefits. 2.1 Cryptography.

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