MIFARE Ultralight C Paper Ticket


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NXP MIFARE® Ultralight C Paper Tickets.


MIFARE® Ultralight C is the first smart card IC for limited-use applications that offers solution developers and provides the benefits of an open cryptography.

With 3DES. MIFARE® Ultralight C uses a widely adopted standard. enabling easy integration in existing infrastructures. The integrated authentication command set provides an effective cloning protection that helps to prevent counterfeit of tickets.


MIFARE® UltraLight C allows transport operators to use a single type of contactless reader interface. rather than the variety needed to cope with a part- contactless. part-cash. part magnetic stripe structure. This brings all the advantages of a completely integrated contactless system for all types of ticketing including decreased operating and maintenance costs. and increased passenger convenience through easy and swift card transactions. The result is shorter queues and lower cash flow which also helps reduce the risk of cash crime. easier access to important statistical data to further improve fleet management and support for exact fare allocation in transport schemes involving multiple transport providers.

MIFARE® Ultralight Family



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MIFARE Ultralight C Datasheet MF0ICU2_SDS


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Mifare Ultralight C Paper Ticket

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