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The next evolution of MIFARE Plus, the field-proven “MIFARE Classic® AES-128 security upgrade product”, includes an expanded feature set that enables over-the-air services and selective upgrades of security-relevant applications. MIFARE Plus EV1 offers enhanced features on the highest security level – scalable – flexible – future proof.

MF1P_H_X1Y1_SDS DATASHEET SmartCard America


The secure end-to-end channel communication capabilities of MIFARE Plus EV1 allow system operators to design new revenue streams by introducing services like over-the-air topups even for Crypto1 applications. These service offerings are based on secure end-to-end channel communication using AES for data encryption and integrity protection. In systems where multiple service providers are using the same wallet and clearing service, the Transaction MAC feature proves to the clearing house that transactions between service providers and customers are genuine to the clearing house. This authentication enables trusted multiple vendor relationships and ensures maximum card value to end customers. For easy integration with mobile devices and to ensure interoperability across industries, MIFARE Plus EV1 also supports the ISO/IEC 7816-4 standard in your choice of native or APDU commands.


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