NXP SmartMX P5SC036 Card

SmartMX Platform with implemented MIFARE functionality

Security controller ICs are embedded in smart cards, mounted on circuit boards, or assembled into tokens—for applications demanding the highest security and reliability (ePassports, electronic ID credentials, payment cards, SAM modules).

Security Controller Solutions

NXP® has nearly 15 years of experience providing our customers with solutions based on our own SmartMX security controllers and embedded operating systems. In these solutions, hardware and software are optimized for performance, security, and ease of use.

SmartMX® Controllers

Our SmartMX® platform delivers safe and fast transactions in contact, contactless, and dual interface environments. It provides advanced attack resistance and high-performance, supported by powerful cryptographic coprocessors and ultra-low-power designs for eGovernment, banking, and public transport applications.
Developing secure multi-application schemes presents a new set of challenges in terms of security, convenience and design flexibility. Ensuring data integrity is key, since each application has its own security requirements and applications need to remain separated from each other. Contactless performance and reliability is paramount as today’s users expect the convenience of fast transactions. As multi-application systems are highly complex, they can impact the time-to-market and delivery schedules. The proven SmartMX and SmartMX2 secure smart card controller platforms fully support multi-application requirements, regarding highest performance and data security yet reducing overall cost. The platform is a proven, reliable solution for secure smart transactions – with more than three billion ICs shipped and offers a broad spectrum of memory and interface options (ISO/IEC 7816 contact interface, ISO/IEC 14443A contactless interface, dual interface and SWP – single wire protocol).   Excellence in security On chip hardware for symmetric (DES and AES) and asymmetric (PKI and ECC) encryption engines provide all means to implement applications and systems offering highest security levels and data/privacy protection. The SmartMX platform is Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified, so it protects against light attacks, invasive fault and side-channel attacks and comes with a CRI license for improved DPA/SPA attack resistance features.   Key applications
  • Convergence of mobile transaction applications:
  • Smart Mobility
    • Mass transit ticketing
    • Car sharing
    • Road tolling
  • Consumer Interaction
    • Micropayment
    • Loyalty schemes
    • Access Management (physical and logical access to PCs and networks)
    • Brand protection
    • Device authentication
  • eGovernment (e-passports, health and social-security cards, driver licenses, work permits)
  • Payment (debit, credit, loyalty, ePurse, ATM)

MIFARE functionality on SmartMX

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