ALIEN HIGGS 3 Impinj Monza 5 RFID UHF Durable High-Temperature Metal Tag

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The RFID durable metal tag is specially designed for metallic asset tracking under extremely heat and other harsh environments such as high-temperature disinfection, chemical cleaning, etc. IP68 waterproof protection makes it survive well in the harsh outdoor environment. With up to 10 meters reading distance and surviving in 225℃ high-temperature environment, Widely used for asset management in various industrial fields, such as medical devices, surgical instruments tray, heavy industry, oil&gas&mining, automatic production line, logistic tray tracking, warehouse storage rack, container tracking, etc.   Monza 5 Tag Chip Datasheet R3 20160823 Datasheet Alien Higgs 3 ALC-360 Higgs3 2014-12-21 (1) Datasheet

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