SLE4442 Card with Magnetic Strips

SLE 4442 provides a security code logic which controls the write/erase access to the memory. For this purpose the SLE 4442 contains a 4-byte security memory with an Error Counter EC (bit 0 to bit 2) and 3 bytes reference data. These 3 bytes as a whole are called Programmable Security Code (PSC). After power on the whole memory, except for the reference data, can only be read. Only after a successful comparison of verification data with the internal reference data the memory has the identical access functionality of the SLE 4432 until the power is switched off. After three successive unsuccessful comparisons the Error Counter blocks any subsequent attempt, and hence any possibility to write and erase. The SLE 4432 consists of 256 x 8 bit EEPROM main memory and a 32-bit protection memory with PROM functionality. The main memory is erased and written byte by byte. When erased, all 8 bits of a data byte are set to logical one. When written, the information in the individual EEPROM cells is, according to the input data, altered bit by bit to logical zeros (logical AND between the old and the new data in the EEPROM).

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