SmartMX3 products build on the proven and reliable IntegralSecurity architecture, which demonstrates worldwide interoperability and standard compliance. The 3rd generation of NXP’s SmartMX microcontroller family delivers exceptionally high-security, flexible memory usage, and outstanding performance across all applications. SmartMX products have been used in more than 120 countries, for EMV payment cards and eGovernment solutions, with more than 7 billion SmartMX ICs shipped to date. The SmartMX microcontroller family is the leadinchoice for secure applications, including ePassports, eIDs, eHealth cards, eDriver’s licenses, access management, and payment. Fact Sheet



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NXP® has nearly 15 years of experience providing our customers with solutions based on our own SmartMX® security controllers and embedded operating systems. Our security controller ICs are embedded in smart cards, mounted on circuit boards, or assembled into tokens—for applications demanding the highest security and reliability (ePassports, electronic ID credentials, payment cards, SAM modules).


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