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  The UCODE HSL IC (UCODE High frequency Smart Label) is a dedicated chip for passive, intelligent tags and labels, especially for supply chain management and logistics applications in the US, where operating distances of several meters can be realized. Further, the UCODE HSL technology platform is also designed for operation under European regulations. This integrated circuit is the first member of a product family of smart label ICs targeted to be compliant with the future ISO standards 18000-4 and 18000-6 for item management. The UCODE system offers the possibility of operating labels simultaneously in the field of the reader antenna (Anticollision, Collision Arbitration). The UCODE HSL family of ICs is especially designed for long range applications. The tag requires no internal power supply. Its contactless interface generates the power supply via the antenna circuit by propagative energy transmission from the interrogator (read/write device), while the system clock is generated by an on-board oscillator. The contactless interface demodulates data transmitted from the interrogator to the UCODE HSL based tag, and further modulates the electromagnetic field provided by the interrogator for data transmission from the UCODE HSL based tag to the interrogator.

UCODE HSL SL3ICS3001_072831 

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