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A Smarter World Starts with NXP

NXP products enable advanced product authentication and anti-counterfeiting, help improve supply chain visibility, and augment direct customer engagements. Users can now read and write to our NFC Forum-compliant and certified MIFARE, NTAG and ICODE tags.


Solutions to complex autonomy, connectivity and electrification challenges for today’s safe and secure vehicles.

Communication Infrastructure

5G-connected, edge computing technologies that support scalable communication networks.


Simplified machine learning solutions that automate better decision-making at the device level for industry 4.0 applications.


Solutions for connected lifestyles that allow data to move more freely, transact more safely and connect more easily.

Smart City

Seamless and secure payment, controlled access, ID and ticketing solutions for managing city life.

Smart Home

Innovative IoT solutions that listen, learn and transform living spaces into personalized, intelligent environments.


Source: NXP Semiconductors.