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AppTextID 2020 National ID Card Secure Solution

Biometric Identification Personality, Scanning Modern Access Control, Technology Recognition Authentication System Concept.

AppTextID National ID card systems using embedded electronic chips, enabled by biometrics and dependent on registry databases, are increasing around the world, driven by diverse concerns from identity theft, terrorism, immigration control, administrative efficiency to fraud reduction. The workshop aims to explore these developments by examining not only their technical and organizational dimensions but also the historical, international, comparative, and political economy aspects of new AppTextID card systems. In particular, the workshop aims to understand how new ID processes contribute to surveillance practices, through the classification of citizens and residents according to varying criteria, thus affecting their life-chances, status, and prospects. Contributions are sought that empirically grounded, but that also refers to appropriate explanatory and critical theory.
Improving security, slashing ID fraud, and identity theft and creating an infrastructure of trust for new online access is high on every government’s plan, with a call for more great security features and the necessary legislation to implement them.​
Many advanced countries are now demonstrating that, beyond the security benefits for both states and individuals, national ID cards with their derived digital IDs can provide citizens and businesses with real services and benefits, without infringing upon new rules on data protection and civil liberties.

A digital identity for each citizen
These National ID programs are also the opportunity to create a secure digital identity for each cardholder. These secure electronic identity cards generally referred to as eID cards, or simply eID’s are opening the gate to secure and trusted online services.
The most common applications for these smart cards are in smart travel documents, electronic ID’s, electronic signatures, community cards, key cards used to access secure areas or business infrastructures, social security cards, etc.
AppTextID secure, tailor-made ID solutions, SmartCard America, can help governments improve security and deploy electronic applications to offer better public services and cut administration costs.
Our expertise in numerous government ids around the world can also help accelerate the dynamics of your national digital framework of trust.​
SmartCard America AppTextID card solutions increase citizen protection, contribute to better control immigration, and offer an effective means of ID checking such as biometric authentication​, using security that is always one step ahead. SmartCard America provides a variety of secure eID cards with a range of professional solutions for a complete solution, which can be delivered as individual systems or using a managed service option.
The national ID card and electronic ID: Benefits and trends. The idea of a National ID card that is valid for both the physical and digital domains has become a reality for millions of people.​​
In some countries, citizens, public and private organizations are starting to reap benefits.
We study many reports on what are these so-called digital dividends​.
​The past ten years have been filled with incremental tech developments that are serving as a foundation for a much smarter citizen ID future.

Understand why biometrics is intimately linked with identity. See how countries are implementing biometric authentication and create a state-of-the-art ID program.

Multi-application national ID cards​
SmartCard America AppTextID is a Platform for the smart card solution for eID, eDriving License, eRegistration Certificate, and eHealthcare. It is a Public Key Java Card designed to meet the most advanced security requirements of long-term multi-application programs such as the ones launched by governments and health insurance initiatives.
AppTextID is the leading secure, open, and standard-compliant operating platform for electronic document issuance. It supports a wide range of identity applications serving the deployment of a raft of citizen-centric government programs.
Government authorities, industry standards organizations, and innovative companies rely on us for security and identity management expertise. Our dedication to science and our real administration help us provide a service that will build a secure world and the field of digital identity security with the AppTextID Solution.