LEGIC advent ATC1024-MV Card

  LEGIC advent ATC1024-MV Card Competitive RFID solutions The combination of a wide reading distance, good transaction speed and a powerful, modern security architecture form the basis for reliable and competitive RFID solutions. These smartcard ICs are the best choice for all who want to migrate from older, less secure contactless chips to modern, highly secure ones without incurring any economic disadvantages. Security & reading distance Grain 128a or 3DES authentication and encryption form the basic protection of today and tomorrow. The modern chips offer a higher level of security and a longer reading distance than comparable ISO 15693 products and are therefore the ideal solutions for little money. Many applications LEGICs smartcard ICs fulfill all the requirements for the hotel industry and are the preferred choice for contactless hotel key cards. Anti-fake labelling chips, often use no or older security mechanisms. The LEGIC advant smartcard ICs have a special low-power encryption which does not jeopardize the long reading distance. City cards are used as electronic travel cards, payment, customer or gift cards. The chip used is equipped with enough memory space, has a wide reading distances for good user experience and trusted security.   ATC256-MV410 an excellent ISO 15693 chip. It achieves a security level in the ISO 15693 world as it was only possible in ISO 14443 A until now. The 224 byte memory is suitable for a variety of applications.

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