Proximity Compatible Card

$3.99 $2.29

Proximity Compatible Card, tags, and key fobs:

  • • Choose 26 bit (H10301) format, 35 bit format, or 37 bit  format cards
  • • Configure your prox card programming options and place your order online

Price Included Serial Number and Encoded 26 bit, 35 bit, and 37 bit.

Please Provide the Faculty Code & Serial Numbers.

Special Price for Quantity 100+ Cards, Send a Quote Request

PVC Compatible 26 bit Cards PVC Compatible 35 bit Cards PVC Compatible 37 bit Cards, Clamshell  (Compatible) H10301 (26 bit) Cards, Clamshell  (Compatible)  (35 bit) Cards, Clamshell  (Compatible)  (37 bit) Cards

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#Code Products: 1COMP-HID-26BIT-35BIT-35BIT-37BIT-ENCODED