Mifare Ultralight Ticket


Mifare Ultralight Ticket.

The MIFARE Ultralight® family currently consists of three families. Members which provide system integrators with maximum flexibility for a complete system. solutions including but not limited to time-based. zone-based or multiple-ride tickets as well as single-use tickets. Integrators benefit from the non-reloadable limited-use tickets. through the appropriate use of its One-Time-Programmable (OTP). memory area in combination with the ISO. Unique Identifier (UID) on a secure infrastructure.

MIFARE Ultralight product-based tickets are ideal for low-cost. high-volume applications such as public transport. loyalty cards. and event ticketing. serving as the perfect contactless replacement. for magnetic stripe or barcode. addressing the trend of switching entire systems to purely contactless solutions.   MIFARE-Ultralight-EV1-Leaflet_US-letter_0518_WEB SmartCardAmerica chats. on the features of our MIFARE-Ultralight-family-overview SmartCardAmerica family members.


The MIFARE Ultralight® EV1 is the next generation of contactless smart card ICs. for paper ticketing in limited-use applications. Its enhanced feature and command set enables more efficient implementations. offers more flexibility in designing systems and contributes to more reliable system operations. Easy integration into existing infrastructures can be accomplished. with the MIFARE Ultralight EV1. NXP’s integrated. “originality check” feature provides effective protection. against cloning and helps to prevent the use of counterfeit tickets.The mechanical and electrical specifications of MIFARE Ultralight EV1. are tailored to meet the requirements of inlay and paper ticket. manufacturers and the IC is available in 2 memory options: 48 Bytes and 128 Bytes.

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