MIFARE Classic® 4K Card 4byte

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MIFARE Classic Family

MIFARE Classic is the pioneer in contactless smart ticket ICs operating in the 13.56 MHZ frequency range with read/write capability and ISO 14443 compliance. It started the contactless revolution by paving the way for numerous applications in public transport, access management, employee cards and on campuses. Following the broad acceptance of contactless ticketing technology and extraordinary success of the MIFARE Classic product family, application requirements and security needs constantly increased. Therefore we do not recommend to use MIFARE Classic in security relevant applications anymore. This led to the development of two high security product familie MIFARE Plus and  MIFARE DESFire and to the development of the limited use/high volume IC family MIFARE Ultralight. MIFARE Classic EV1 MIFARE Classic EV1 represents the highest evolution of the MIFARE Classic product family and succeeds all previous versions. It is available in a 1K and in a 4K memory version, serving different application needs.

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