HITAG 2 based transponders are highly integrated and do not need any additional
components beside the HITAG 2 transponder IC and the external coil. Data are
transmitted bidirectionally, in half duplex mode, between Read Write Device (RWD) and
HITAG transponder IC. To achieve a main stream security, data may be transmitted
enciphered. HITAG 2 transponder IC offer a memory of 256 bit.
Custom specific configuration of the transponder IC is possible by using the configuration
page. The configuration page allows the selection of different modes and access
possibilities and also the configuration of the memory. The pages of the memory can be
protected against read or write access by setting corresponding memory flags.
The HITAG 2 transponder IC provides - besides password and crypto mode - the following
three standard read only modes, that can be configured using the configuration byte:
• public-mode A
• public-mode B (animal identification, according to ISO 11784 and ISO 11785)
• public-mode C (PIT compatible mode PCF793x)


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