NXP HITAG S 2048 Card

The HITAG product line is well known and established in the contactless identification
Due to the open marketing strategy of NXP Semiconductors there are various
manufacturers well established for both the transponders / cards as well as the
Read/Write Devices. All of them supporting HITAG 1 and HITAG 2 transponder IC's. With
the new HITAG S family, this existing infrastructure is extended with the next generation of
IC’s being substantially smaller in mechanical size, lower in cost, offering more operation
distance and speed, but still being operated with the same reader infrastructure and
transponder manufacturing equipment.
One Protocol - two memory options.
The protocol and command structure for HITAG S is based on HITAG 1, including
anticollision algorithm.
Two different memory sizes are offered and can be operated using exactly the same
• HITAG S256 with 256 bit Total Memory Read/Write
• HITAG S2048 with 2048 bit Total Memory Read/Write


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