Infineon SLF9000 Card

Security & Chip Card ICs SLF9000 Terminal IC Terminal IC for Contactless Chip Cards according to ISO 14443- Type A/ B with multiplexed/ demultiplexed 8- bit parallel interface

  • Carrier freq. 13.56 MHz
  • Data rate 106 Kbit/s
  • Data transparent
  • Register driven operation
  • all ISO 14443 protocols supported
  • additional other protocol ( e.g. type B2 -fast Siemens)
  • Frame length up to 128 bytes
  • Type A (e.g. Mifare), deterministic anticollision procedures supported by HW
  • 8-bit parallel interface with three selectable modes:
    • non-multiplexed
    • multiplexed ( Intel compatible)
    • Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) interface
  • 128 Byte FIFO for burstwise data transmission/ reception
  • Transmission error detection by CRC according ISO 3309 and CCITT-16 with programmable CRC modes
  • Optional odd parity handling
  • Supports inexpensive external single Analog Interface (AIF)
  • Free programmable 16 bit hardware timer e.g. for real time operation
  • Encoders
    • Transaction speed: 106 Kbit/s according to ISO 14443
    • Cascade level operation supported
  • Decoders
    • Slot marker operation possible
    • Decoding algorithm parameters adjustable
    • Any number of time slots supported

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