MIFARE DESFire has evolved over time, enhancing its security properties to protect against current and future security threats, and adding new features to better suit into new user requirements. MIFARE DESFire EV2 is the third generation of the MIFARE DESFire products family succeeding MIFARE DESFire EV1. It is functionally backward compatible with both MIFARE DESFire EV1 and MIFARE DESFire D40 (MF3ICD40). Figure 1 shows the relationship between the three generations of MIFARE DESFire products. The latest generation encompasses the features from the older generation(s). Therefore, allowing existing users of the older products to adopt the latest product with minimum or no changes to their infrastructures. MIFARE DESFire EV2 can be used as a MIFARE DESFire EV1 in its default delivery configuration. Every new features would required an activation and/or the use of new commands. RF interface: ISO/IEC 14443 Type A  Contactless interface compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-2/3 A  Low Hmin enabling operating distance up to 100 mm (depending on power provided by the PCD and antenna geometry)  Fast data transfer: 106 kbit/s, 212 kbit/s, 424 kbit/s, 848 kbit/s  7 bytes unique identifier (option for Random ID)  Uses ISO/IEC 14443-4 transmission protocol  Configurable FSCI to support up to 128 bytes frame size (new) 2 kB, 4 kB or 8 kB EEPROM  Data retention of 25 years  Write endurance typical 500 000 cycles  Fast programming cycles (erase/write) 1 ms Flexible file system: user can freely define application structures on PICC  Virtually no limitation on number of applications per PICC (new)  Up to 32 files in each application (6 file types available: Standard Data file, Back-up Data file, Value file, Linear Record file, Cyclic Record file and Transaction MAC file)  File size is determined during creation (not for Transaction MAC file) Common Criteria certification: EAL5+ (Hardware and Software)  Unique 7 bytes serial number for each device  Optional “RANDOM” ID for enhance security and privacy  Mutual three pass authentication  Mutual authentication according to ISO/IEC 7816-4  Flexible key management: 1 card master key and up to 14 keys per application  Hardware DES using 56/112/168 bit keys featuring key version  Hardware AES using 128-bit keys featuring key version  Data authenticity by 8 byte CMAC  Data encryption on RF-channel  Authentication on application level  Hardware exception sensors  Self-securing file system  Backward compatibility to MF3ICD40: 4 byte MAC, CRC 16 New features on MIFARE DESFire EV2  MIsmartApp (Delegated Application Management)  Memory reuse in DAM applications (Format Application)  Transaction MAC on application level  Multiple Key Sets per application with fast key rolling mechanism (up to 16 sets)  Accessing files from any two applications during a single transaction  Multiple keys assignment for each file access rights (up to 8)  Virtual Card Architecture for enhanced card/application selection on multi-VC devices with privacy protection  Proximity Check for protection against Relay Attacks  Originality Check for proof of genuine NXP’s product  New EV2 Secure Messaging based on AES (similar with MIFARE Plus’s secure messaging)

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